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Letras de canciones de Ocho y Media

Letras de canciones de Ocho y Media se muestran a continuacion:

no imagen encontrada1. LA PESADILLA  (370 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada2. A LA HORA  (311 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada3. EL OPTIMISTA  (309 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada4. NOVIEMBRE 2004  (242 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada5. SER OCHOSERO  (259 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada6. CAZADOR  (256 Visitas)

Biografia de Ocho y Media

OCHO Y MEDIA are a french salsa band that swings as hard as any in Puerto Rico or New York. The fact confirmed by their tracks being hits in clubs in Cali, Colombia and an invitation to tour Venezuela in 2007 !
Their CD "Sigue!" from which this track is taken, is a refreshing mix of other styles including ska, cumbia, balkan beats and reggae but "A la Hora" is a pure swinging mid-tempo salsa burner !

The music magazine Cocazine qualified Ocho y Media as the most active band in the french salsa-ragga-ska scene.

Ocho y Media has been conquering for quite some time concert halls in France, with its repertory of cheerful compositions and their positive energy on stage. Salsa and rock fans have responded enthusiastically.

In 2003, they were nominated “revelation” in the festival La Noche in Lille, France, where Ocho y Media ignited a concert hall filled with 4000 fans, playing after the Cuban pianist Alfredo Rodríguez and before the Spanish group Amparanoiá. In 2004, an important step was achieved with their first album (12 themes with 10 originals). More than 500 albums were sold by public subscription and another 500 copies sold with no marketing budget, but backed by favorable articles and radio broadcasts (Nova, Latina, Fip, and others.)

This first album achieved spontaneous success in Colombia, mainly in the clubs and radio of Cali. With the track "Pesadilla", they even obtained the prize of the best salsa theme of 2005! La Ocho y Media excelled again in prestigious halls of over 4000 fans, like in the Villette summer festival (Paris) and in 2005, in the most famous salsa festival in Europe "Tempo Latino". In February 2006, the adventure continued with a second album «Sigue!» that shows their evolution toward a wider musical openness (ska, ragga, reggae) with original lyrics in Spanish, English and French.

Since 2006, Ocho Y Media performed on an international level including Europe, United States, Venezuela and Colombia !!!