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Letras de canciones de Pachanga

Letras de canciones de Pachanga se muestran a continuacion:

no imagen encontrada1. SABES  (269 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada2. ONE MILLION  (236 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada3. UUUOLE..  (233 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada4. HISPANO STYLE  (218 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada5. COMO ESTAS  (241 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada6. TODOS JUNTOS (EVERYBODY)  (243 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada7. I DON´T LIKE REGGAE-TON  (225 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada8. PROVOCALO  (218 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada9. SABRO SON (REGGAETON)  (228 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada10. REQUERDO DE AMOR  (210 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada11. PUERTO RICO  (237 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada12. TU SOL  (212 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada13. TU MEANS IN SPANISH YOU  (215 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada14. LOCO  (253 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada15. CLOSE TO YOU  (233 Visitas)

Biografia de Pachanga

.and the success goes on. Jay and Rico mixed up the charts with
their Singles „Loco“ and „Close to you“ which hit the Top 15.
With their Collaborations and Remixes like Goleo’s
“Hip Hop Hooray 2006”,

Aneela’s “Chori Chori” or the Clubhit “Sabes” they conquered the
Clubs all over Europe.

As for the nearest Future, their next piece of Art is about to take off.
“I don’t like Reggae-ton” is reminding of 10cc’s “Dreadlock Holiday”,
a hit that proved him wrong, as he was really saying he doesn’t like
Reggae. As much as Pachanga is claiming they don’t like Reggae,
this one is gonna be a Reggaeton Smash Hit, that is on the other
Hand revealing, how talented and multifunctional Pachanga is.
And this is just the beginning of their variety.

Coming up in July the Guys are going to absolve their first official
Tour in Europe. 2005/06 they got the opportunity to show what
they are capable of by performing in front of 80.000 people on

Some would say unusual the Fans Pachanga has, in Easteurope
and in “cold” Russia. What Jay and Rico can definitely not confirm.
“The Fans over there are so crazy”. Jay could fill pages over talking
about his experience there. Rico on the other side is overwhelmed
by the german Fans, who really participated in their Shows from
the second they heard the first beats of “Loco”

They would like to perform again on TV-Shows like
“The Dome”, “Ballermann”
“Viva Live” to expose what more there is to expect,
than the average. Stay tuned as Pachanga takes over.

Single: 13th of July 2007
„I don’t like Reggae-ton“