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Letras de canciones de Radial Angel

Letras de canciones de Radial Angel se muestran a continuacion:

no imagen encontrada1. UNTITLED  (238 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada2. NOT BEAUTIFUL  (256 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada3. SUDDENLY MAYBE  (247 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada4. SET FREE  (230 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada5. JESUS LOVES ME  (214 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada6. DOWN  (266 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada7. YOUR NAME  (239 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada8. EMPTY HANDED  (224 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada9. GIVE  (268 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada10. LOVE  (266 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada11. RAIN  (264 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada12. ANNABELLE  (231 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada13. SHE  (283 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada14. SOMETHING  (247 Visitas)

Biografia de Radial Angel

Born in 1998, Oklahoma based Radial Angel has achieved success as both an independent band and as a member of Warner Bros. Records’ Squint division (the imprint that spawned such top-selling acts as Sixpence None the Richer and Chevelle). Their pop driven rock perspective touches almost every music fan in some way and their track record undoubtedly proves that. Over the past eight years Radial Angel has continued to gain fans with their impressive live shows and relevant rock.

In the spring of 2006 “Waiting on Love” the band’s most progressive album yet was released. “Waiting on Love” features crowd favorite “Beautiful” and the band’s ode to touring “Long Way Home.” Since the release, the band has been touring extensively through 2007 and anticipates a busier tour schedule for 2008.

Since the band’s inception, they have released five independent albums and one major label release, with sales topping 35,000 units combined. A few notes of accomplishment, after the release of their independent album, “Self-Titled,” the band was named one of the Top 20 Impacting New Artists by Progressive Airplay Journal. Their major label debut “One More Last Time” was produced by Kevin Lively (Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots) and also spawned a radio favorite, “She.” The band’s EP “Summer Fade” produced three radio singles that each hit 1 on radio charts across the country, including a 10 charting on the national R&R chart.

Radial Angel is known for their impressive live performances. Once stated of the band, “They are a must-see if you love the live music experience.” Over the years they have played in front of over 90,000 people. Having been on a nationwide “Acquire the Fire” arena tour as well as keeping their own touring schedule, Radial Angel is a hard-working band by anyone’s standards. The band has also performed at almost every major festival in the United States.

No matter which album you’re talking about, though, one thing always remains the same. The fact is that when you hear Radial Angel for the first time you will notice the band’s intelligent and emotional approach to their sound. For the band, being real is important. “Our lyrics are usually very personal and generally deal with things that have happened to me, us as a band, or someone we know. Our hope, though, is that people will relate to them on some level and that that will bring some kind of emotional attachment for the listener,” says vocalist Jared Taber, the band’s chief lyricist. And, while many bands are content to simply entertain their audience, Radial Angel would rather align themselves with artists who desire to change their world for the better. “We definitely want to make an impact on the world. We feel more like artists than entertainers in that respect,” says bassist Eddie Jones.

An independent band for most of their existence, Radial Angel has seen what life is like as a successful independent band and likewise they have seen what life is like as a major label artist. Through the good and the bad the band has remained true to not only who they are as individuals, but also to what Radial Angel is as a band. Radial Angel has the passion of “Sixteen Stone” era Bush, the soaring vocal melodies that took bands like U2 and Coldplay straight to the top of the charts, and the intelligent and emotional approach that sets them apart from many of their counterparts. Simply put, Radial Angel is a band well worth your attention.