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Letras de canciones de Saavedra

Letras de canciones de Saavedra se muestran a continuacion:

no imagen encontrada1. YERBABUENA  (245 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada2. TU DEJA  (297 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada3. SE PEGA  (247 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada4. ROSA  (265 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada5. PERDIDA  (281 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada6. LOS DE LA MITAD  (311 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada7. LO MIO  (326 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada8.   (261 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada9. FALTAS  (376 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada10. SEGUNDA VIRGINIDAD  (346 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada11. LÁSTIMA  (325 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada12. CAMBIAR DE PIEL  (306 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada13. PUNTO Y APARTE  (306 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada14. NADA LLEGA ANTES  (321 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada15. MALA  (285 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada16. NATURAL  (326 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada17. QUE SE CALLE EL MUNDO  (264 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada18. MARIA DE MADRUGADA  (262 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada19. TU LUGAR  (366 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada20. QUIEN MAS  (326 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada21. SIN ALMA  (269 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada22. AY DE MI  (301 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada23. DE ESO SE TRATA  (299 Visitas)

no imagen encontrada24. SI LA VES  (346 Visitas)

Biografia de Saavedra

Colombian born Journalist, writer, singer and Composer, Maria Isabel Saavedra Pouchard.
Her book of ephigrams and aphorisms “WITH INTERNAL MUSIC”, Colls in Time of Woman,
From the editorial “Torre de Papel”, sold out in only three months, after its launch in Miami in 2006.
She has composed more than 400 songs since she was a little girl, 65 of them have been recorded
and performed by artists as Oscar de Leon, Gisselle, Rey Ruiz, Andres Cepeda, Angel Lopez,
Edith Marques, Pedro Brull, Carolina la O, Moisés Angulo, Francisco, Helenita Vargas, Raquel Zozaya,
Mirave, Jose Luis among many others.
Her first international album “Saavedra” with her own songs was produced
by the Mexican Armando Manzanero and the song YERBABUENA was a hit in Miami’s latin radio.
She has been awarded as composer, performer and poet in Spain, United States of America
and Colombia and had composed the music for two documentaries.
Maria Isabel Saavedra also, supports two Children Foundation in her home country Colombia,
Currently she is recording her second album, is writing songs for other artists
and finishing her first Fiction Novel.
She has been in tours giving concerts in Europe, Africa and South America and had shared
stage with international artists. Her goals are inspire and serve.
“De eso se trata”… the life, make thousands of mistakes and forgive yourself”