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Letras de canciones de Valery

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Biografia de Valery

Valery was born in Barranquilla, Colombia but she grew up in Miami, Florida where she was influenced mostly by late 80’s glam rock and the 90’s grunge movement. Always musically inclined, Valery was known for knowing the lyric to every song in most genres. At 17, she moved to Bogota and began to work on a TV show linked to a Radio Station where she was exposed to “Spanish-rock”. Having always had eclectic taste in music, she also began to lean heavily into pop and dance music. At clubs in Colombia she heard anything from Erasure and Pet Shop Boys to Soda Stereo from Argentina and Fobia from Mexico. These multi-cultural influences would later resonate in her music… After graduating from high school, she moved back to Miami. While she knew that something inside her would love to work with music, she was a bit unsure about her focus and decided to study Mass Communications so she could apply it to the entertainment world somehow. Half way through her studies, she moved to Sydney, Australia where she finished her Bachelor’s degree and decided to find work in the music industry. Being so far from her family and friends and going through a painful break-up, it was in Sydney that Valery began to write songs. The need to express herself had always been there. Combined with her love of music, it was a natural progression. With no real intentions of pursuing a career as an artist, she found a job handling the catalog of songs at a music editing company called Santander Music Group. There, Valery was surrounded by songwriters and producers. They inspired her every day and she became more and more tuned into the music inside her. It was during this time that she finally showed some of her songs to a songwriter and friend. They began to write together and she started to learn how to use her own voice to sing her songs. This lead her to call a very close friend from Colombia, Juan Gabriel Turbay, and ask him to produce her first record. It took them two and a half years to write and produce what is now the album “Trapped in Time”. -------------Trapped in Time was produced and arranged by: juan gabriel turbay recorded at juan’s apt, bogota colombia, audiovision estudios, bogota, colombia and ozone studios, bogota, colombia. recording engineer: fransisco “kiko” castro mixing engineer: iker gastaminza mixed at ike’s garage, miami, florida guitars: programming, key boards, background vocals: juan gabirel turbay drums: roberto cuao bass: juan paulo gasca electric guitars in tracks # 4, 10 alejandro gomescasseres uses d.r. strings and gibson guitars. acoustic guitars in tracks # 4, 10 mauricio pantoja pianos in tracks # 4, 10 agusto “tuto” tamayo violin, viola, strings arrangement: pedro alfonso cello: konstantin litvinenko recorded at xtrings studio, miami. background vocals in track # 7 isabella santo domingo and alexandra fernanadez background vocals in track # 5 daniella ossa background vocals on all tracks valery salazar additional vocals on track # 5 melibea styling by: kathy kopp photography by: pablo garcia art and design: camilomartinez.com